Go Team

Global Opportunities Team

At GracePoint, we believe the church is commanded to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind and our neighbors as ourselves.  We believe that the commission given by the Lord Jesus to make disciples of all nations is binding on His Church to the end of the age.  This task is to proclaim the Gospel to every tribe and tongue and people and nation, baptizing them, teaching them to observe the words and ways of the Lord, and gathering them into churches able to fulfill their Christian calling among their own people.  We believe that it is the explicit message of our Lord Jesus Christ to those whom He has saved that they are sent forth by Him into the world even as He was sent forth of His Father into the world.

With that the Go Team (Global Opportunities Team) was created to continuously engage in global efforts of displaying God’s glory through inviting/challenging people to believe in Jesus Christ, establishing them and equipping them to be fully devoted worshippers of Christ.

GracePoint currently utilizes 16% of our annual budget to support 10 missionary families as well as Child Evangelism Fellowship, short term mission projects, and other programs geared to spread the gospel.

To learn more about the Go Team, please contact the office.

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