Does your position in Christ reflect on your condition in life?

Each day we stand in front of a closet or wardrobe and decide what apparel is appropriate for the activities of the day. Likewise, each day Christians have the choice of attitudes and actions that we will ‘wear.’ What motivates our choices?

The emphasis in this section is on motives. Why should we put off the old deeds and put on the qualities of the new life? Paul explained four motives that ought to encourage us to walk in newness of life (Rom. 6:4). 

Today’s message entitled “Living a Transformed Life, part 2” comes from Colossians 3:12-17 where we find the attraction of the Christlike virtues that are to characterize the believer in Jesus Christ.

Classic commentator, William Barclay, has an insightful comment on the nature of the virtues listed in this passage:

“It is most significant to note that every one of the virtues and graces listed has to do with personal relationships between man and man. There is no mention of virtues like efficiency, cleverness, even diligence and industry—not that these things are not important. But the great basic Christian virtues are the virtues which govern and set the tone of human relationships. Christianity is community” (Barclay, 188).

Paul’s exhortation to set our hearts and minds on things above (v. 2) finds concrete expression in the verses which follow. With the old life gone and the new life a present and future reality, believers are to discard behaviors typical of the old life and display behaviors characteristic of new life. Paul is concerned that believers keep Christ at the center of their spiritual experience. 

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