Today’s message comes from Colossians 4:2-6 where the Apostle Paul gives us the exhortations of devotion and conduct in Jesus Christ.

Paul has reminded believers that they are identified with an extraordinary Christ who has absolute supremacy. He has called believers (ordinary people) to live their ordinary lives in an extraordinary way.

How do we respond to our daily circumstances?

How do you live today, in a world given over to false values, with much conflict, shame, and degrading practices?

How should we then live?

How is the believer to accomplish such a challenging assignment? Is assistance available? Yes. The believer is not alone in a world of temptation and deception. Strength and perspective are always available by looking above in prayer.

Zoom Fellowship – Sunday Nights 6:45pm

Everyone is invited!

We’ll have a small devotion and discussion followed by small group prayer.

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