What a Strange Story: Resurrection Gospel Narratives

April 4, 2021
Teacher: Mark Bassett
Scripture: I Cor 15:1-8, Matt 28:1-10, & Acts 2:22-32

In a recent poll of Americans it was found that since the year 2000 we fell from 72% of people being connected to a synagogue, church or mosque to 41%. Doubters are in our culture. Doubters are in our church.  Doubt should be welcome and encouraged so that belief can be built.  And it is through the strangeness of the stories of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ that points to the authenticity of the story and start to build belief.

Join guest pastor, Mark Bassett as he takes you on a journey through the stories of the resurrection gospel and how those items that are included, and missing, help us believe that the stories are true about who our risen Lord is and what He accomplished with His death on the cross and resurrection.

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