Rahab the Faithful – Joshua 2:1-24

April 18, 2021
Teacher: Tommy Martin
Scripture: Joshua 2:1-24

Chapter 2 of Joshua is one of the great salvation stories of the Old Testament.  It tells us a story of a woman named Rahab. Initially everything is stacked against Rahab. She has no family background or knowledge of the living God.  She is a pagan living in a pagan city. She is known in the community as a prostitute, living in constant offense to God. But yet, she is who God chooses to help save and deliver His people.  How can God use her to save his people?  And yet He does honor her (Hebrews 11:31, James 2:25 ). It is because of her faith in Christ (Joshua 2:9-11).

You may think you’ve failed God too many times for him to use you for His plans of salvation. But if he’s able to use a prostitute and liar, what can He do through you? What will He do for you? Join guest speaker, Pastor Tommy Martin as he shares the story of Rahab and how she is an example for us.

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