Advent 2- Mighty God- Isaiah 9:6 & Psalm 24

December 5, 2021
Teacher: Doug Monkemeier
Scripture: Isaiah 9:2-7- & Psalm 24

Mark Twain is noted for saying, “In the beginning God made man in His image and every since then man has been trying to return the favor.”  This is because we try to create God in our own image. We try to try to put the term, God Almighty, into a term we feel better about. We try to create a place where we have some handle or can contain Him, so that we can keep Him at a safe distance. But we are called to surrender our lives to God and worship Him as our Almighty God.  Join Pastor Doug Monkemeier as he shows us who this mighty God is that is worthy and able to fight and provide for us.

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