You’ve Got Mail: Letters to the Seven Churches

July 24, 2022
Teacher: Doug Monkemeier
Scripture: Revelation 1:9-20

Do you trust in our Lord Jesus Christ?  Do you truly believe you can trust in His unfailing power?  The seven letters serve as an introduction to the whole book that is composed of a series of visions. The letters to the seven churches form an integral part and are foundational for the rest of the book of Revelation. These letters give us a picture of the universal church, with it’s trials and triumphs. They show the virtues that must be manifested, the imperfections that must be removed, and the faith that must be maintain by the churches. The letters give a reminder and assurance that the Lord Jesus Christ is an abiding and personal Christ and that they must trust in His unfailing power.  Join Pastor Doug as he introduces us to this new series on the seven letters to the churches and what it can teach us today.

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