We are “Learning to Walk” as we continue our journey through Paul’s letter to the Colossian believers. Today’s message is from Colossians 2:1-7, which covers the first part of this portion of scripture which describes the believer’s fullness in Christ (2:1-10).

When you listen to this week’s message make sure you have a pen, a pad, and your psyche (addiction to alliteration is an ailment). This message entitled “Learning to Walk”(v.6) outlines the three interwoven antidotes for resisting false doctrine (vv.2-3), and the three actions God performs in the believer’s life as well as our decisive response (v.7).

On the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California reside the largest trees in the world. The huge sequoias tower almost 300 feet into the sky. The largest tree has a circumference at its base of 101 feet. Botanists now know that some of the biggest sequoias are almost 4000 years old — which means that by the time of Christ, they were already 100 feet tall. But even these giants wouldn’t be able to stand against the mountain winds without a strong root system, Not only do their roots sink into the soil, they intertwine around the roots of other trees.

The parallel between well-rooted trees and well-rooted believers is obvious. For the Colossians, it was critical that they be “rooted and built up” in Christ (Col.2:7a). As you listen and engage with the text today may you learn what it means to learn how to walk, rooted in Christ, completed in Him.

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Gary D. Nock

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